We receive & organize every piece of mail.

Once your mail is delivered to our secure mailing center, we’ll upload and send it’s image to your preferred email address. Our app keeps your mail items organized and easily accessible.

Open your mail virtually & safely.

We securely store all your mail & await your instructions. Choose Open & Scan, and we’ll deliver a downloadable .pdf file for your personal or professional records.

One, two, and three.
Easy and simple steps.

Step One 👍

Create your account with details specific to you and/or your business. This is the baseline information we use to create your personal mailbox on site.

Step Two 👋

Complete and notarize a USPS 1583 form, which allows us to legally accept and manage mail on your behalf. This can be done online or in person.

Step Three 👏

Give your new address to senders & enjoy your new service. Our mailroom staff will notify you the moment mail arrives, implement your action requests, and handle your items with care.


We find that doing a change-of-address with the United States Postal Service to our mailing center comes with challenges in the event you’d like to undo the change. We recommend giving our mailing center address to vendors individually.

Should you choose to have mail forwarded, we’ll ship your items to the address stored in your account. You’re able to change this address so you can have mail shipped anywhere you choose!

No one wants to deal with the clutter of unwanted junk mail, so we made it easy. With the press of a button, you can choose to have it all shredded in a flash.

The first 30 days of storage for your mail are free! Anything held longer than 30 days will incur a 10 cents per day charge.

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